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Empowering Local Community is one of company’s mission. Bringing Local Product to the next level market by adding value and enhancing product to Apropriate Technology Application in production process.


Indonesia is well known as the largest Archipelago with over than 17,000 islands From Sabang in the West to Merauke in the East. Living 1248 Tribes wiht 746 Local Language. Rich in cultures and traditions as well food and natural resources.


Key Product Offered :

  • White Ass Coconut Charcoal Briquettes.
  • Fresh Milkfish and Processed Milkfish.
  • Handicraft.
  • Essential Oil.


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Sustainable Energy

Perubahan Iklim telah memicu Anomali Alam karena Polusi akibat pembangkit Energi berbahan bakar Fosil.

Zanjabil Craft

Local Craftmens at Bogor Region make a tiny cracker jars and tiny buckets with bare hand.


Rendang is a traditional Processed Beef HSC 070970 in Spices & Herbs Sauces originated from Indonesia Archipelago.

Bio Fungicide

Bio Fungicide for Palm Plantation should help sustainable agriculture products.


Indonesia is a big country with more than 57,000 Km coastal line, provide a lot of milkfish HSC 030624 for the world.

White Ash Coal

Coconut Shell is a source of Energy yet produce white ash and Coconut Charcoal Briquettes HSC 44029010 are smokeless thus Eco-Green.

Our Core Products

Women Empowering

Empower Women and Local Community

Sustainable Energy

Solar Lamp & Coco Charcoal Briquettes.


Mini Cracker Jars and Buckets are hand made.

Essential Oil

Essential Oil derived from leaves. Cajuput Oil, Citronela Oil, Clove Oil

Processed Food

Introducing Indonesia’s Delicious Cuisine rich in healthy herb and spices. Rendang Beef, Rendang Jengkol, Frozen Tempe, Milkfish Presto

Eco-Green Product

Discourage deforestry by empowering local community to make eco-green product out of Bamboo. Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Radio, Bamboo BT Speaker.

Question & Answer

What is the company’s mission?

To Empower Local Community to upgrade their output and produce jigher quality products which will meet the export market needs. Uniqueness in comparative advantages of Indonesia.

What is the company vision?

The Company vision is to be an export company. Exporting Pesona Indonesia throughout the world.

Social Impact.

Empowering Local Community. Bring women into the part of the Industry.

Go Green?

The options are very clear to be aware about where we live and what we do to preserve the nature. Hamemayu Hayuning Bawono.

Latest News about our Industry


Complete facility in higienic environment to ensure products are keep safe and in good condition.

Coco Charcoal Briquettes

Producing Pure Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Smokeless Hookah Cube. Artwork desain for packaging from your company are welcome.

Handicraft Tin Can

Empowering Local Crafmens to produce handicraft of Cracker Jar, Dust bin, Stainless Jar, Mini Bucket etc.

Bio Fungicide

Turn back fungi on Palm Plantation with another Fungi has a great benefit for environment and sustainable production.

Fish Company

Milkfish is an Indonesian Icon for Fish, we sell it fresh and processed in special herbs and spices formula and cook it in Presto, you can eat the whole part of milkfish.

Solar Lamps

Producing Solar Lamps and exporting to Africa and Middle East as well as European market. Sundaya is quality brand for Solar Lamps.